Friday, 14 August 2009

Who's in Cardiff!

Today was all Doctor Who for me. I started out my day at the Doctor Who Exhibition. It was a museum with all sorts of props and costumes from the show. I was in heaven! From there I hit a bunch of filming places for Doctor Who and Torchwood. Chris and I met up for lunch at a filming venue for Torchwood and then I set off to shop and he went to find a birthday present for his dad. I wandered around Cardiff with the help of Tom Tom. I didn't realize that he worked on walking mode. Such a good discovery! Too bad I didn't have him last week.

Tomorrow we head off to Bath before going to Salisbury for Stonehenge. I don't know the Internet status at tomorrow night's accommodations so there may or may not be a blog for tomorrow until I get back to Princes Risborough.


  1. Have fun at Bath...tiny streets and busy...we stayed in a mini castle there...don't be to disappointed at Stonehenge...a must see but sort of like getting to Plymouth Rock only for the chalk pictures on the hills, depending on your route...we all are going to lunch on Monday so your ears will be burning since you will be the subject of conversation

  2. Juliane,

    I recall Bath well. I think the cathedral there is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Also, I recall a terrific walking tour of downtown, led by a former mayor.