Thursday, 13 August 2009

Encounter with the Cymru Police and a Beach Trip

Today we left the Forest of Dean and headed for Cardiff. We planned on going to a beach that was featured on Doctor Who and then heading to our hotel. On the way, Chris suggested we hit a Geo Cache that was “on the way”. On the way is a relative term in Wales. It may only be 5-10 miles away as the crow flies, but it takes forever and a day to get there! On the way to the cache, in the middle of nowhere, we saw 2 mounted police officers. It was odd to see them in the country where all we really could see was cows, horses, and sheep. We went up to where Rex (Chris’s GPS) was telling us to go and there was a pickup truck and no real signs of the cache so we headed back down to the little dinky road and parked at the end of the road to double check the coordinates. About 5 minutes later, a police van showed up. Apparently they had been contacted because of “A Subaru acting suspiciously”. Yup, that was us, although neither Chris nor I could really figure out why we were looking suspicious. Chris was given a “producer” which means he has a week to go to a police station and produce the vehicle papers. Apparently the police were there investigating something else, otherwise our “suspicious behaviour” wouldn’t have been a big deal.

From there we went to Southerndown Beach. It was a perfect beach day in my opinion. It wasn’t hot and the water was nice and cool but not toe numbingly so. I can understand why they chose that particular beach for Doctor Who because it was gorgeous! The sand was soft and well packed so walking on it didn’t aggravate my shin splints. There wasn’t anything icky floating in the water which was a bonus. If I had a real beach towel, I would have actually gone swimming! We know how unlikely that is for me. There were also hundreds, maybe thousands, of tidal pools in the rocks with more snails than I have ever seen!!! I really liked it. I would have spent the day there if I could have which is definitely high praise for a beach coming from me.


  1. I'm impressed that you were impressed with the beach! That sounds like a neat little trip, minus the suspicious activity bit. I can't believe you two got picked up by the cops.

    Well, I know you only have a few days left. I hope you enjoy them! I miss you and can't wait to see you when you get back. :)

  2. Just catching up with your trip--the trip of a lifetime. I will have to save your blog and album to a safe place or, better yet, put it all on a DVD. Perhaps you intend to do that anyway.

    You have only a few days left as I write. Do have a bon voyage 'home'. Perhaps it is more like 'back to the States', rather than 'home' at this point. In any event, we look forward to seeing you soon.


  3. I hope you took pictures today although you do paint a pretty good picture yourself! I can totally understand that to someone who doesn't know what geo caching is that you would look suspicious. That is very funny! The beach sounds wonderful. You must be in wonderful shape from all this hiking and treking around.
    Kathy :-)