Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bath Time

Today we left Cardiff and headed for Bath on our way to Salisbury. Bath is small as many people have said to me but it was really quite pretty. We got there and after a quick, yummy lunch we went to the Roman Baths. It was so cool walking around and seeing structures that were build around 2000 years ago. The bath itself, although quite scummy looking, was a perfect bath temperature. The Romans had the right idea. I also liked that there were 2 audio tours that you could follow. I chose the shorter, kid oriented one since that would most likely hold my interest better than the adult one which was longer. I always said that I have the attention span of my students and this was a prime example. The kid tour gave enough information so I knew what I was looking at but didn't throw lots of dates and names at me that I wouldn't have remembered anyways.

From there we walked around a bit and had a lovely cream tea at this little tea house off the High Street. We went to look at the Circus and Royal Crescent which are houses in the typical architectural fashion of Bath, all attached and in a semi-circle.

We then headed for our hotel which was 5 minutes from Stonehenge in preparation for our tour at 6am tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds cute and quaint!! I always have wanted to see Bath & Stonehenge. I'll have to get there on my next international trip.

    I hope you enjoy your last day tomorrow! Hurry home!