Sunday, 16 August 2009

"Before Stonehenge, there was Woodhenge and Strawhenge" **

My day started at 5:30am. Chris and I got up and went to a before hours tour of Stonehenge. It was Awesome! You don't realize the scale of the rocks when you see them in pictures or on TV. It's amazing that 5000 years ago people got those stones from Wales, brought them hundreds of miles and arranged them upright and them others laying across the uprights. Since we were before the regular hours, we got to go right up to the stones and wander all through it. We all know how much I like my sleep but this was totally worth getting up at the crack of dawn. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if it were sunny. It was overcast but it still was amazing.

When we got back to Chris's house, we started on a 12-hour epic marathon of all 3 Lord of the Rings extended edition movies. I managed to only miss about half an hour because I fell asleep. After that I started crocheting so I would stay awake. I managed to get about 90% finished with a cool wallet/wristlet.
**Quote from Eddie Izzard


  1. so glad you got to do that tour...did you see the "archer" in the early morn???'''his bones were found during an excavation a couple or so years ago...along with another...lots of stories of him...did they talk about him?? cannot wait to see you and no...I did not do over your house

  2. That sounds really amazing. I bet you have amazing pictures. :) I can't wait to see them! I can't wait to see you again! I can't believe your trip is almost over!

    I hope you enjoy your last day there and that you have a safe journey home to us here in the States. :)

    p.s. I loved the due credit given to E. Izzard with the quote. :)

  3. The Stonehenge tour before hours looks like the way to go. I had heard that one could no longer actually go inside; guess this is the regular tours. I am reading a book entitled, "Wisdom and Feats of the Ancients" which covers Stonehenge among so many other 'wonders.' It makes the point that human history is not a linear progression of culture, knowledge, technology etc. Rather, it has been a series of fits and starts wherein a period of advance is followed by a dark age wherein much/all of progress was lost/forgotten. Perhaps someday, our distant descendants will wonder how we ever built the Interstate highway system!

    Today you return. May your trip be smooth and may your re-entry to the USA be as well.