Monday, 16 February 2009

You know you're an Anglophile when . .

You know you're an Anglophile when . . .

You recognise London on TV before Washington DC
The Tube station names mean more to you than the subway stations in the big city near you
You have more clothing and paraphenalia with the Union Jack on it than the average UK tourist shop
You'd rather search using just because it's associated with the UK
You're learning how to convert farenheit to celsius in your head
You don't notice when you use English slang instead of American slang
Your friends understand the English slang you use
Your favourite actors and actresses are from across the pond
You type using the UK spelling for words like "cosy", "colour", "memorise", and "theatre"
You think a 6 week trip to the UK is too short
Cadbury is your favourite chocolate maker
When speaking with someone from England, you use their terms for things such as "crisps", "lift", and "lorry"
You spend time coming up with a "you know you're an Anglophile when . . . " list. :)

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