Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Mini-Break in Edinburgh, in 3 parts. Part 3

Part 3, 10 August: Departure Day
Today we headed into town and then were going to go to this underground tour. It looked interesting but unfortunately it was a “booking ahead strongly recommended” something so I never really found out what it was all about. Instead we went to Scottish Parliament and went on a tour through there. It was interesting to see. From there we went to lunch and then Geo Cached but found nothing. We wandered to our Starbucks (we'd been there 3 times in 2 days) and had a frappuccino and Chris read while I played solitaire with my new Doctor Who playing cards. We went back to retrieve our luggage and then off to wait forever at the airport. When you fly budget airlines, you have to check in really early and wait. It is economical but you do end up wasting a lot of time. Our plane was delayed an hour to boot.

I have also decided that although it was an interesting and beautiful city, Edinburgh isn't one I'm crazy about. It‘s not easy to navigate for me. There are no easy landmarks, aside from the castle, for directionally challenged people like me. In London, even if I got lost, I would find a tube station and I could instantly find out where I was and where I needed to head in order to get back on the right track. Not in Edinburgh. In addition, there are hills everywhere and cobblestone streets that were murder on my feet, knees and ankles. Even if I were confident in my navigation skills I still would have taken some kind of transport home last night because as Elaine would say, “My dogs were barking!”

I did have fun playing "I Spy" with men in kilts. I got up to 72 before we boarded the plane this evening though about 15 of those were a squadron of men who I think were some sports team.

Pictures from the whole Edinburgh Trip are here

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