Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I Have The Golden Ticket . . .

OK, so it isn't so much a golden ticket as it is a computer print out of the e-ticket I purchased online but it still got me into Cadbury World today. It was really fun. First off they gave you a total of 3 regular sized candy bars through out the course of the tour which is the way to my heart, especially when it's Cadbury chocolate. We got to see how the chocolate was made, formed, packaged and shipped. It was great. It wasn't too kiddie oriented which I think Chris was thankful for. After the tour and a quick zip through the gift shop, we went to Cadbury World Essence which showed how the creators came up with the idea for the famous "Dairy Milk" chocolate and then we were able to choose what we wanted to combine with Cadbury Dairy Milk for our own new flavour. Mine was marshmallows and chocolate, a classic, but not one I've had from Cadbury. It was delectable!

After we found out hotel and brought our stuff in, we went to explore Gloucester. Yup, now I've been to 2 Gloucesters in my life so far. We wandered around the docks (which isn't nearly as shady as it seems as I write this) and then we went to Gloucester Cathedral. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was also really great because unlike in St. Paul's Cathedral, I was able to take some pictures inside.

Now Chris has gone for a run and I'm catching up on computer things. It's amazing how much you miss in a few days of being computer-less.


  1. Chocolate is ALWAYS a blessing LOL!


    Um, also while in Gloucester you should see if you can have some double gloucester cheese - it's supposed to be excellent and I would love to live vicariously through your cheese eating. :P If it's the place where double gloucester cheese is made they have an annual event where people chase after the first wheel of double gloucester (down a hill, rough-and-tumble-like) to win the prize (the wheel of cheese). Apparently it's a huge deal if you win. lol! Imagine chasing cheese down a hill? I love cheese, but perhaps not as much as those people!!

    I've missed the blog posts! I'm happy that you're back up and running!

  3. p.s. I'm pretty sure that a ticket to Cadbury World IS like getting a Golden Ticket (or damned near close enough!)!

  4. Yummy! Marshmallow and chocolate was my favorite as a child also! Mallo Cups. I don't know if it would be Dave or I who would have loved that tour the most. Me for loving chocolate or Dave for loving Willie Wonker and the 'idea' of going through a chocolate factory. Travel on!--without heartburn I hope :-)
    Kathy :-)