Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Mini-Break in Edinburgh, in 3 parts. Part 1

Part one 8 August: Our First Full Day In Edinburgh

We started our day, making our way into town. On the 20 minute walk, we stopped a couple of times for some Geo Caching. I found the first one, thereby leveling the pitch between us in terms of finds. Neither of us could find the second one. After that, we headed into Edinburgh Castle. Wow, what a queue to get in there! I don’t think I waited in a queue that long when I was in Disney World! The Castle itself had some really nice photo potential and some gorgeous views. I’ll have to procure a map to see what my pictures were of LOL. From there, after a stop at Starbucks for a refuel, we went to get tickets for tonight. There were a ton of people at the main box office so Chris suggested that we go to a quiet place and phone in our ticket requests. On our journey to find a quiet place, we saw the box office for the 4 big venues here at the Fringe. We went in and were able to get tickets for tonight’s show, “One Man Lord Of The Rings” and I got the last ticket for the show I’m going to tomorrow, “Allistair McGowan, The One and the Many”. Chris wants to see something about the Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, so we decided to see separate shows.

After some fish and chips for lunch (I will be going into withdrawal when I get back to the states, Carole, we’ll have to make sure I go to Sir Crickets when I visit), we wandered more and stumbled upon a comedy show, “Shane Langan, Not Only, But Also” which was amusing. It was a stand up routine where the comic read short stories he’d written. It was worth the £5 admission, but not much more. More wandering and then we came back the 20 minute walk to the B&B for a bit of a rest before going to dinner and the main event.

The Lord of the Rings show was entertaining. It made absolutely no sense to me since I was one of the 2 people in the entire venue who hadn’t read the books or seen the movies. The gentleman who was performing noticed that I applauded when he asked about people who hadn’t seen or read the series and he said, “People who are familiar with the story get confused, you must be totally lost“ to which I nodded and smiled. He then asked, “So what are you doing here?” and I pointed to Chris. He said, “Well I hope this isn’t a first date! There probably wouldn’t be a second if it was”. The guy himself was very talented and had all sorts of different voices for the characters and was jumping about for almost and hour and a half. I have no idea how well he did cramming 9+ hours of movies into an hour and a half, but judging by the audience reaction, he did fine.

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