Sunday, 2 August 2009

Cutty Sark (not!), Thames Barrier and the Triathlon

Yesterday was busy day! I got up bright and early to go to the Thames Barrier before Chris's triathlon. I planned my route to get there, but asked someone who might have an idea of a better route. I listened to the other person and ended up in Greenwich at the Cutty Sark. Well, I figured, it wasn't where I was planning on going but I had a little time so I would go to see the ship. Well, Juliane's Law states that many things of interest must be under renovation when I'm going to see them. Therefore, the Cutty Sark was under wraps, literally, and all I saw was the location where it was being renovated. I didn't have enough time to wander around Greenwich to try to find the Prime Meridian, so I got back on the DLR and headed to where I knew I could see the Thames Barrier.

I should stop for a second to explain what this "Thames Barrier" is. As I think most people know, London was build ages ago on the River Thames. It has been a great asset to the city, but also was quite damaging when it would flood its banks. In the early 80s a movable barrier was installed that could be put up when flood waters would be likely to surge up the Thames and threaten to flood London. I had seen the Thames Barrier on one of my many Travel Channel London programs so I had to see it in person (Ok, so it was also featured on an episode of Doctor Who :) ) The park nearest to the barrier was really nice. There was also something that I"m sure had a real purpose which was a perfect spot for me to put my camera to get a photo of me at the barrier. I tried to get a picture to show the scale of the barrier, but that didn't work. The seagulls wouldn't stay still and there are no people allowed on.

From there I went to the ExCeL center to witness Chris's participation in his first triathlon. He had to swim 750 metres, bike 40km and run 5km. Let me tell you, it was exhausting just to watch these people doing all of that. He made his goal of finishing in an hour and a half and that was including transition time for getting out of the wetsuit and into bike gear then out of bike gear and into running gear. Yay Chris!

Pictures of the day are here.

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