Sunday, 19 July 2009

There Are Bigger Geeks Than Me. . .

. . . And I met them along with "Carlisle" from Twilight (Peter Facinelli) and "Gwen" from Torchwood (Eve Myles). Today I was up bright and early to head to Earl's Court where the London Film and Comic Convention was taking place. I figured that this might be the only opportunity I would have where there was a sci-fi convention in my city so I had to go. That and I liked at least a couple of the celebs that would be there. It's definitely an experience! There were people in costume (my favourite being one girl who was dressed as "Alice Cullen" from Twilight, complete with contact lenses!!!). All throughout the building there were stalls of people selling all manner of science fiction stuff from trading cards to action figures, autographs to t-shirts. I showed great restraint I might add!

When you enter the building and get a ticket, you have to high-tail it to the back of the place to get virtual queuing tickets for the people that you want to have autograph something for you. I was number 150 for Peter Facinelli and 234 for Eve Myles. Once you do that, you wander around until your number is in the group that are queuing for the autograph. I wandered around and saw props from Doctor Who, browsed endlessly through photographs, and generally took in the scene. My number came up for both of my tickets at around the same time (about 2 hours after I got the tickets) so I went to get my autographs. Peter Facinelli was first. I have to say I wasn't too impressed with him. He didn't even make eye contact with people as he signed things for them. Right after that I went to Eve's queue. Totally different experience there. She was all smiles commented on my name and how she thought it was pretty and was basically just really nice. Neither of the actors I went to see were allowing photos, but I got an unauthorised one of Peter Facinelli. See that picture and more here.

After that was done, I was finished with the Con so I went to the tube and headed towards the Science Museum. Of course, when there is more than one way to exit the tube station I always go the wrong way so I ended up in front of a little cafe which was advertising a full English breakfast for under £5. I decided that was a good place to have a bite to eat, rest my weary legs (there weren't many places to sit at Earl's Court), and figure out which direction I needed to go in. The breakfast was yummy (except the mushrooms). I thought about John and Judith at the bed and breakfast we used to stay at in Newburyport. This breakfast was good but not as good as hers.

I finally made my way down to the Science Museum and wandered through there for a couple of hours. It's so much more interesting than the Boston one and it was free! I may actually go back because it was a bit busy being a Sunday but we'll see. There were a lot of exhibits on medicine which fascinated me. I've always said that if the teaching thing doesn't work out I'm going into nursing. I took some picture which are here. From there it was back on the tube and I went to Hammersmith for a little light shopping. Again, everything seemed mobbed and there wasn't anything I couldn't live without so I headed back to my flat. Another busy London day for me :) I LOVE IT!!!!


  1. Juliane, I am thoroughly enjoying all the details of your holiday! You certainly will never look back and say you didn't live life to the fullest while you were in London. What a dream come true!
    Kathy :-)

  2. Melissa and Ann20 July 2009 at 05:58

    Naughty naughy for the pic of Carlisle lol

  3. You GO GIRL! I am so happy that you are loving London...A DREAM COME TRUE!