Thursday, 23 July 2009

"One Pound, Look Around!"

Today I ventured into one of East London's most well know markets, Petticoat Lane Market. This was a much smaller market in comparison to Portobello Road, but the bargains to be had on clothing were far better. I have a feeling some of the stuff fell off the back of a lorrie. . . or something but it was still really fun to look around. The one stall I bought a couple of shirts from had a woman who would bellow, about every 3 minutes, "One pound, look around!" to draw in customers. It worked for me, I gave her £3 for the 3 shirts that came home with me.

That was the highlight of my day.The rest of my time was spent being "domestic" i.e. grocery shopping and laundry. I'm getting better at the grocery store thing and managed to make it home without breaking a sweat which is a milestone for me. Of course it might have helped that it started to pour right as I was getting to the tube so I got a little spritz of cool water before getting on the train. The rain here is bizarre though! One minute, it's nice and bright, then the sky goes all grey and opens up. It's open for an average of about 5 minutes and then the sun comes out. Very odd. I was sitting on my bed watching Top Gear (gotta love BBCs iPlayer when you're in the UK) and had the curtains half closed because it was bright. It darkened up so I opened the curtains to let the breeze in. A minute later I had to shut the window because it was raining in the window and on me! The weather keeps me on my toes. I always have my brolly and sunglasses with me and generally use both in the course of a day.


  1. I think I bought shirts there too!! {not yours)
    Glad you are "going native"...if you want to hear an accent!! go to would swear they are not speaking english!!!

    Did anyone tell you that English sizes seem to run small???

    PS weather here the same as when you left and just some sun days for a while...My cousin Jan wrote and yelled at me for sending our weather to her as they were having a hot June...guess it is back to normal..

  2. Sounds like another fun day, minus the laundry & shopping. How are the grocery stores over there? Very different from here?

  3. Melissa and Ann24 July 2009 at 02:39

    We miss you Jules!!

  4. Its sounds like you had a nice day. Bob says hi.