Saturday, 11 July 2009

Cotswolds and Hogworts!

Today we headed West to the Cotswolds. We stopped in 2 little villages, Berford and Bourton-on-the-Water. In Berford there was a food and drink festival and it was crawling with people. I got to sample local food (mainly cheese) and some drinks as well. Chris bought some "pickle cheese" that had the distinct flavour of pickle in it. It was really neat. From Berford, we drove to Bourton-on-the-Water. This was less crowded but there was still a little street fair type thing going on. There was a rubber duckie race and a couple of little stalls with people selling things like a mini flea market. The highlight of Bourton-on-the-Water was a model of the village made out of Cotswold stone. In the model, there was a model of the model! It was really fun. Cotswold pictures are here

From there we went to Oxford. It was CRAWLING with people so it really wasn't too enjoyable. I did get to see the outside of Hogworts dining hall from Harry Potter, but the queue was insanely long to get in so we didn't bother. Had it been something famous from one of my favourite Brit movies I would have waited, but fortunately it wasn't. I only took a few pictures of Oxford, but they're here

Now I'm unwinding while watching Doctor Who. Chris is making a traditional English roast for dinner for me tonight, yum! My legs are starting to protest all of this walking. I don't think I've walked as much as I have in the past 3 days in the last 3 months back home!!! They're in for a rude awakening since tomorrow afternoon I become a Londoner!


  1. Glad to see you are so busy. I can't imagine "pickle cheese"! Neo is tormenting Winnie! Love you lots!

  2. You are one busy girl. Everything sounds so wonderful including dinner. Yummy!!! Say hi to Chris

  3. Melissa and Ann12 July 2009 at 05:37

    Pickle cheese? Ummm gross! You sound like you are having so much fun!

  4. Men who cook. Don't you love it?
    Glad you are having a great time. Can't wait for the London reports. Blue skies for you!