Monday, 27 July 2009

Beware of the coming fashion

If the trend that I have seen happen before holds true, in which the fashion here in Europe hits the states in a year or 2, we're unfortunately in for a revision of 1980s fashion. Yup, fluorescent colors, uneven shoulders, grossly oversized tops, leg warmers, stretch pants and even *gulp* FRINGE! I was wandering around Primark (think a very cheap JC Penney or Walmart with only clothes, accessories and home goods) this morning and was able to really take a look at the clothes they had as a whole and it dawned on me. . . we're slipping back into the 80s! I was ecstatic to see the 80s fashion go out the window almost 2 decades ago and I have been dreading a revival.

Well, I thought as I left Primark that maybe it was just the clothes there that were throwbacks. My next stop was Marks and Spencer, a more Macy's type place. Now, it wasn't as blatant as at Primark, but there was definitely the same "Fame" flare to some of the clothing. After that, Next was the department store I visited. This one again is along the line of Macy's and there, lurking just under the obvious line were some brighter than average clothes, some with acid washed looks to them. I had a flashback to one of my favourite outfits from when I was about 8 or so. I actually had 2 pairs of these acid washed overalls one in a peach colour and one in yellow. I half expected to see those hanging on a hanger in my travels. I almost went back to Primark to pick up some cheap things so I could go as an 80s girl for Halloween but realized that costume would be lost on my students and not worth it.

Oh, and did I mention the bodysuit/leotards as well? Remember those, a onesie for adults?

US Fashion Police I implore you, realize that this is a really REALLY bad idea to go back and keep the 80s from re-entering the states while we still have a chance! It's too late for the Europeans but there's hope for us.


  1. Oh NO!!!!!!Please make those fashions stay over there. I refuse to go back to the 80's again

  2. We need to contact import/export authorities, as well as ramp up the "What Not To Wear" budget of shows! Oh man! That's awful...those I truly loved my shorts/shirt set that was in neon colors and said, "Maui Motion" on it! LOL. No thanks, no 80's attire for me!